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3 colours, 50 notes per colour (150 notes per pack)

Dimension: 15 x 50 mm per colour

Made in Japan

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Even though it is made of film material, it is easy to write on the sticky notes with pencils, oil-based pens, and water-based pens.  The beautiful colors make it stand out, making it perfect for headings, classifications, and small memos.

sticky notes that can be written on

These are sticky notes made of film material that you can write on. A set of 12 bright colors, 3 colors each. The rich number of colors makes it ideal for headings and classification.

012 Writable Sticky Notes

Sticky notes made with film that can be written on. Comes in 12 vibrant colors that are available in 3-color sets. Large selection of colors make these notes perfect for labeling and classifying.

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