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Set of 12 Colours in 12 ML Tubes; Included – Primary Yellow, Vermillion, Carmine, Primary Magenta, Cabalt Violet Imit., Primary Cyan, Spring Green, Emerald Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black & Permanent White

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Pebeo Studio Gouache is a fine gouache, specially designed for both students & professionals. Since, it can be reworked at will, it is great for students. It is great for beginners studying colour theory & for professional illustrators seeking quality on a budget.

Pebeo Studio Gouache colours have a high concentration of pigments. They are bright & vivid even after drying. Have an opaque & matt finish with good lightfastness. The colours can be mixed together and diluted with water. Pebeo Studio Gouache can be diluted again once dry. Apply in thick strokes for an opaque effect or thin washes for a more transparent effect.

Pebeo Studio Gouache is ideal for designers, illustrators, graphic artists & fine artists. It is ideal for making models, study works, illustration and decoration. It can be applied to paper, cardboard, Bristol board, etc. The colours dry within hours of application, depending upon the dilution & paper weight / gsm. The range contains a trichromatic black and a balanced primary system. The colours dry in perfectly even flat washes, and have been studied so as to minimise whitening when drying.

Apply Pebeo Studio Fine Gouache using a brush onto your drawing. Clean the brushes with water before and after use.

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