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Lemon Yellow, Poster Green, Light Green, Chrome Yellow Medium Hue, Yellow Orche, Poster Red, Prussian Blue, Burnt Sienna, Super White, Poster Black, Peacock Blue, Special Pink, Violet, Orange, Burnt Umber, Olive Green, Flesh Tint, Ultramarine Blue, Tanjore Gold, Crimson.

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The premium range of Camel Poster Colors is ideal for a smooth matte finish and a completely opaque mass tone. Best quality color present in the world.

Made from the finest pigments, they give high covering capacity with a brush or a spray gun. They flow easily, dry quickly and evenly and are easy to mix. Camel Fluorescent Poster Colours give brighter artworks and superior visual impact. These must be carefully used as they as moderately permanent and lose their brilliance on intermixing.

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