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This set includes 36 colors: Anemone Pink (EX-6), Bamboo (D-14), Cactus Green (D-17), Campanula Blue (LG-9), Celeste Blue (P-18), Cherry Red (V-1), Coral Pink (P-2), Cork (LG-2), Crimson (D-1), Dandelion (V-3), Deep Sea (EX-4), Elm Green (D-6), Fawn (LG-1), Hydrangea Blue (DL-8), Indigo (D-20), Iris Violet (V-9), Ivory Black (V-10), Lapis Lazuli (V-8), Lilac (P-9), Maroon (D-12), Midnight Blue (D-8), Mulberry (D-9), Narcissus (P-4), Peony Pink (EX-7), Plum (D-11), Russet Brown (EX-8), Scarlet (EX-1), Scouring Rush (EX-3), Sepia (EX-9), Silver Gray (EX-10), Spruce (D-18), Tangerine Orange (V-2), Taupe (D-10), Verdigris (DL-5), Wild Grape (EX-5), and Yolk Yellow (EX-2)

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Featuring colors drawn from nature, this set of Irojiten pencils is perfect for drawing flowers, plants, animals, and landscapes. The colors have been specifically selected to go well together and create beautiful gradations and lifelike illustrations. The pencils are collected in a clever gift box designed to look like a book, playing into the name “Irojiten”—a combination of the Japanese words “iro” (color) and “jiten” (dictionary or encyclopedia).

The set also includes a small pencil sharpener and an instructional pamphlet with drawing tips in Japanese.

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