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18 half pan watercolours in the following colours:

Chinese White, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Yellow Deep, Jaune Brilliant, Vermillion Hue, Crimson Lake, Purple, Cobalt Blue Hue, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Yellow Green, Viridian Hue, Permanent Green Deep, Yellow Ochre, Light Red, Burnt Umber and Ivory Black.

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This set of 18 Koi Watercolour Pocket Field Sketchbox Set by Sakura is a perfect, sleek, lightweight solution to painting on the go. It features 18 half pan watercolour paints which have been formulated to blend easily and create an endless range of colours. It also has a refillable water brush to transport and store water while on the road.

The kit also contains:

A large 9ml size water reservoir barrel
A detachable medium brush tip
Two dabbing sponges
A snap lid acts as an easel for postcard sized paper
The detachable pegged palette secures to the kit base either to the right, left or center sides.
A base pull-down ring allows easy gripping of the kit.

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